Holy smokes, we're finally doing this!
SALE: January 7, 2024 @ 10 am PST.

                         Everything will be listed as "Sold Out" until our Sale.

     We made some major improvements to the farm this year, including a brand new dahlia tuber storage room with power and water!! (BIG thank you to Steve and Lynn Nisco). This is very exciting for us! Last season, I stored the tubers in a root cellar, which I found out the hard way, was anything but ideal. The root cellar had big temperature swings that went unnoticed and with no power to that area, it was difficult to combat. The new tuber storage room keeps the temperature at a perfect 42 degrees with the exact humidity necessary to keep the tubers in a nice dominant state overwinter.

   Also, we increased our dahlia patch by a half an acre. We took down trees, hand picked (too many) rocks, dug trenches, laid waterlines, and put in a new drip system. We laid 3-4 inches of fresh compost and the appropriate soil amendments to allow our dahlias the space and nutrients they needed!

   We greatly appreciate your support and want you to be happy with your purchase. We will ensure your tubers will be shipped with at least one visible eye.

   Please inspect your tubers upon arrival and contact us at BloomingHearts.Wa@gmail.com within 1 week of your order arriving if you have any concerns. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your order, please reach out and we will try to work with you to make it right. Again, I want you to be happy with your purchase. 

Dahlia Tuber Shipping: Last year, we shipped our tubers in fresh pine shavings inside a cute sealed coffee bag and unfortunately, it was TOO hot and caused some mold/rot/dehydration issues. WE LEARNED OUR LESSON and upgraded our shipping method to ensure healthy tubers arrive to your gardens!

Please note, we will only be shipping within the US at this time. We will be shipping tubers likely in early April, depending on the forecast.

Cart: An item placed in your cart will not guarantee your purchase until you checkout and receive an order confirmation number. Please know, a decent amount of these varieties are in limited supply and may sell out fast.

Combining Orders: We are working to find a combining orders platform that works well for my husband and I to accommodate this, so give us time to figure this out. 

Viruses: While our tubers are small and growing, we discard any we suspect of having disease based off plant habit/growth patterns. During the cut flower season, we carry around a bucket of bleach water and sanitize between each plants. We've learned a ton about pest control, and although, we are an organic farm, we do not spray any harmful pesticides or insecticides on our dahlias; we do use beneficial insects to maintain healthy crops. Then at the end of the season,  crop is inspected by the Dept of Ag.